Astro, Safari 1997-2005

Brake Disc (Rotor)


Removal & Installation

Dust and dirt accumulating on brake parts during normal use may contain asbestos fibers from production or aftermarket brake linings. Breathing excessive concentrations of asbestos fibers can cause serious bodily harm. Exercise care when servicing brake parts. Do not sand or grind brake lining unless equipment used is designed to contain the dust residue. Do not clean brake parts with compressed air or by dry brushing. Cleaning should be done by dampening the brake components with a fine mist of water, then wiping the brake components clean with a dampened cloth. Dispose of cloth and all residue containing asbestos fibers in an impermeable container with the appropriate label. Follow practices prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the handling, processing, and disposing of dust or debris that may contain asbestos fibers.

The following special tools may be required:

J 2619-01 Slide Hammer With Adapter
J 41013 Rotor Resurfacing Kit
J 42450-A Wheel Hub Resurfacing Kit
J-46277 Rotor Removal Tool

  1. Release the park brake.
  3. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  5. Remove the tire and wheel assembly.
  7. Mark the relationship of the rotor to the hub.
  9. Remove the brake caliper bracket mounting bolts.
    Support the brake caliper with heavy mechanic's wire, or equivalent, whenever it is separated from its mount and the hydraulic flexible brake hose is still connected. Failure to support the caliper in this manner will cause the flexible brake hose to bear the weight of the caliper, which may cause damage to the brake hose and in turn may cause a brake fluid leak.

  11. Remove the brake caliper and brake caliper bracket as an assembly and support with heavy mechanic's wire or equivalent. DO NOT disconnect the hydraulic brake flexible hose from the caliper.
  13. Remove the rotor retaining push nuts from the wheel studs (if applicable).
  15. It may be necessary to strike the end of the hub or the rotor with a deadblow hammer to separate the rotor from the hub.

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. View of rear brake rotor and hub

  17. Remove the brake rotor. Do not force the rotor off. If the rotor is difficult to remove, ease it off by gently rotating it as you pull outward.
  19. If the brake rotor cannot be removed perform the following:
    1. Assemble J-46277 to J 2619-01.
    3. Insert J-46277 between the rotor friction surfaces in the vent section of the rotor. DO NOT place the J-46277 on the rotor friction surface.

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