Audi Cars 1999-05

Maintenance Reminder Lights



Some models are equipped with a Service Reminder Indicator located in the trip recorder. Whenever a routine scheduled service is due, the particular type of service flashes for a few seconds in place of the trip recorder. The Service Reminder Indicator will alert the driver approximately 620 miles (1000 km) or 10 days prior to the actual service time is required. The display will continue to flash for about 60 seconds after the engine has been started. If desired, it can be switched to the trip recorder before this time has elapsed by pressing the reset button next to the speedometer. The following service displays will be shown when required. When the required service has be performed, the indicator must be reset by the dealer. A special VAG 1551/1 scan tool is required to perform the reset procedure. OEL - Oil change service required In 1 - Inspection service required In 2 - Additional service work required