Audi Cars 1999-05



Removal & Installation

Lower Grille
  1. Using a suitable plastic prytool, or a prytool suitably wrapped in protective tape, carefully pry out the grille assembly.
  3. To install, press the grill evenly and firmly into place.

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Fig. The front grille is part of the bumper cover on 1998-00 Passat models

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Fig. To remove the lower grilles on 1998-00 Passat models . . .

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Fig. . . . grasp firmly and release from the bumper cover

Radiator Grille

To remove the front grille proceed as follows;

  1. Open the hood.
  3. Apply suitable masking tape allowing about 2 inches (50mm) of free play between the sides of the grille and the hood to catch the grill and prevent it from falling to the floor once released.
  5. Locate the plastic retaining brackets on the upper row of the inside portion of the grille and working from one side to another, press down on the retainers while pushing outward from the inside of the grille until the upper portion of the grille has been release from the hood.
  7. Grasp the grille and carefully remove the masking tape, then lift the grille upward to remove from the hood.

To install:

  1. With the hood closes, seat the bottom of the grille into the lower opening of the hood.
  3. While holding the grill down, press the top of the grille into the hood making sure it is fully seated.