Avalanche, Express, Savana 2006-2007



Removal & Installation

6.6L Engine
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cables.
  3. Open the hood and move the hinge bolts to the service position.
  5. Raise the vehicle.
  7. Drain the coolant.
  9. Remove or disconnect the following:
    If necessary, the entire transmission can be removed to gain additional clearance

    Left and right wheelhouse liners
    Exhaust pipe-to-exhaust outlet clamp. Move the clamp onto the exhaust pipe
    Transmission fluid fill tube-to-bell housing nuts if equipped with an A/T. Position the tube to the right side of the vehicle; it does not need to be removed from the transmission.

    3 nuts and left exhaust heat shield from the front of the lower dash panel
    Left exhaust pipe heat shield bolts

  11. Position the left exhaust pipe heat shield to access the left exhaust pipe-to-manifold bolts. Do not remove the heat shield from the vehicle at this time.
    Do not bend the exhaust pipe at the expansion area.

    Left, then the right exhaust pipe-to-exhaust manifold bolts
    Gaskets and discard
    Lower bolt for the exhaust outlet shield

  13. Lower the vehicle.

    Upper intake manifold sight shield front retaining bolt
    Sight shield
    Air cleaner outlet duct from the air cleaner and turbocharger. Cover the openings to prevent debris from entering
    Charged air cooler outlet duct-to-intake hose clamps (loosen only)
    Hose from the charged air cooler duct-to-intake manifold tube
    A/C compressor clutch electrical connector
    A/C cut-out switch connector
    Drive belt
    A/C compressor mounting bolts; position the compressor aside with the lines attached
    Turbocharger inlet coolant hose from the bypass valve
    Turbocharger outlet coolant hose from the turbocharger
    Crankcase hose from the left valve cover and position aside
    Wire connector from the intake heater
    Intake air heater relay, if equipped
    Heat shield-to-turbocharger bolts and heat shield
    Remaining 2 bolts from the exhaust outlet heat shield
    Exhaust outlet heat shield
    4 bolts and 2 nuts from the exhaust outlet. You do not have to remove the outlet for turbocharger removal

  15. Move the exhaust outlet to one side in order to access the right exhaust pipe-to-turbocharger bolts.

    Exhaust outlet gasket and discard
    Right exhaust pipe-to-turbocharger bolts
    Right exhaust pipe and gasket

  17. Move the exhaust outlet to one side for access to the left pipe.

    Left exhaust pipe heat shield
    Left exhaust pipe-to-turbocharger bolts
    Left exhaust pipe and gasket
    Turbocharger oil supply hose eye bolt and washers. Move the hose aside
    Turbocharger oil drain pipe nuts from the flywheel housing
    Turbocharger mounting bolts
    Turbocharger with the oil drain pipe

  19. If replacing the turbocharger, remove the oil drain pipe and coolant hose.

To install:

  1. Thoroughly clean the gasket surfaces.
  3. Install or connect the following:

    Turbocharger oil drain pipe and new gasket. Tighten the bolts to 15 ft. lbs. (21 Nm).
    Turbocharger inlet coolant hose
    Turbocharger oil supply hose to the engine block
    Turbocharger oil supply hose eye bolt and washers and tighten to 31 ft. lbs. (42 Nm) except on 2007 models. On 2007 models, tighten to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm)
    Turbocharger lower heat shield
    Turbocharger. Tighten the 3 mounting bolts to 80 ft. lbs. (108 Nm).
    New gasket for oil drain pipe
    Oil drain pipe nuts and tighten to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm) except on 2007 models. On 2007 models, tighten to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm)

  5. If installing a new turbocharger, pour 4-5 oz. of clean engine oil into the turbocharger supply hose opening, while rotating the impeller.

    Oil supply hose, using new washers. Tighten the eye bolt to 31 ft. lbs. (42 Nm) except on 2007 models. On 2007 models, tighten to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm)

  7. Install the remaining components in the reverse order of removal, noting the following important points:

    When installing the exhaust pipe, use new gaskets and align the tabs and make sure the proper pipe flange is toward the turbocharger, as they are different. Tighten the exhaust pipe-to-turbocharger bolts to 39 ft. lbs. (53 Nm).
    Tighten the turbocharger heat shield bolts to 80 inch lbs. (9 Nm)
    Tighten the A/C compressor bolts to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm)
    Tighten the exhaust pipe clamp to 30 ft. lbs. (40 Nm)

  9. Fill the cooling system and connect the negative battery cables.
    Operate the engine at idle for at least 3 minutes after installing the turbocharger