Avenger 2008

Rear Suspension


Chrysler LLC does not manufacture any vehicles or replacement parts that contain asbestos. Aftermarket products may or may not contain asbestos. Refer to aftermarket product packaging for product information.

Whether the product contains asbestos or not, dust and dirt can accumulate on brake parts during normal use. Follow practices prescribed by appropriate regulations for the handling, processing and disposing of dust and debris.

Only frame contact or wheel lift hoisting equipment can be used on this vehicle. It cannot be hoisted using equipment designed to lift a vehicle by the rear axle. If this type of hoisting equipment is used, damage to rear suspension components will occur.

All-Wheel-Drive only - Wheel bearing damage will result if after loosening the hub nut, the vehicle is rolled on the ground or the weight of the vehicle is allowed to be supported by the tires for a length of time.

If a rear suspension component becomes bent, damaged or fails, no attempt should be made to straighten or repair it. Always replace it with a new component.