Avenger, Sebring Coupe, Stratus Coupe, 1999-2006

Diagnosis & Testing


Use these steps to plan your diagnostic strategy. If you follow them carefully, you will be sure that you have exhausted most of the possible ways to find an ABS fault.

Gather information about the problem.
Check the vehicle for any ABS DTC using the scan tool.
If you cannot verify the condition and there are no ABS DTCs, the malfunction is intermittent.
If you can verify the condition but there are no ABS DTCs, or the system cannot communicate with the scan tool, check that the basic brake system is operating properly.
If there is an ABS DTC, record the number of the DTC, then erase the DTC from the memory using the scan tool.
Recreate the ABS DTC set conditions to see if the same ABS DTC will set again.
If the same ABS DTC sets again, perform the diagnostic procedures for the DTC.