BMW 318/325/M3/525/535/M5 1989-1993 Repair Information

Body Maintenance and Lubrication



Apply graphite lubricant sparingly through the key slot. Insert the key and operate the lock several times to be sure that the lubricant is worked into the lock cylinder.


Spray a light oil lubricant on the hinge pivot points to eliminate any binding conditions. Open and close the door several times to be sure that the lubricant is evenly and thoroughly distributed. Wipe the joint to remove any excess oil.


Be sure that the drain holes in the doors and rocker panels are cleared of obstruction. A small screwdriver can be used to clear them of any debris.


Wash the car either by hand or in an automatic car wash. Rinse the car first with a light stream of water to loosen any dirt on the painted surfaces. Soak any dead bugs with water and car washing solution, then wipe off. Wash the car out of direct sunlight as waterspots can form if water is allowed to evaporate from the painted surfaces.

Use only waxes with carnauba or synthetic formulations. Keep a good coat of wax on the car to protect the surface from contaminants. Use only high quality paint care products as available through your dealer or specialty boutique.

Wash the car often in the winter months to keep road salt off the car. Touch up any paint damage with matching paint. Do not allow moisture to collect under a car cover if one is used.


The engine compartment should be cleaned and treated once a year. This will clean away any accumulated dirt, grease and oil that may be hiding leaks or other problems. A clean engine runs cooler and makes routine maintenance more pleasurable.


Interior glass surfaces can be cleaned with a commercial cleaner or a one to one mixture of water and white vinegar. Do not use any cleaner containing an abrasive. Exterior glass and lenses can be cleaned with water and car washing solution or with the same mixture used for the interior glass.


Clean with water and treat with silicone spray. A commercial rubber treatment can also be used. Do not use harsh solvents as these will damage the rubber.


Wash the seatbelts with soap and water. Keep the seatbelts fully extended until they dry completely. Never allow the seatbelts to retract while still wet.


Use a product designed for the seating surfaces your car has. If you have a cloth interior, brush the nap of the fabric after cleaning to restore the pile. Wipe down leather seats with a wool or cotton cloth that is slightly moist. Dry the leather and treat it with a leather care product.