BMW 318/325/M3/525/535/M5 1989-1993 Repair Information

Strut Cartridge, Spring & Strut Mount/Bearing



See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: Cross sectional view of the spring and strut assembly-E34 5 Series

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Fig. Fig. 2: Cross sectional view of the spring and strut assembly-E30 3 Series

This procedure calls for the spring to be compressed. A compressed spring has high potential energy and if released suddenly can cause severe damage and personal injury. If not comfortable with dealing with a compressed spring, have a professional technician remove the spring from the strut for you.

  1. Remove the strut from the vehicle and mount in a vise using a strut holder. This will prevent damage to the strut tube.
  3. Using a proper spring compressor, compress the spring and lock into place. Use all the safety hooks provided and never point the compressed spring at a person.
  5. Remove the top nut of the strut mount. Counterhold the strut rod during removal.
  7. Pull the strut mount off the strut rod. Note the positioning of the spacers and washer for replacement.
  9. Pull the spring off the strut and place somewhere safe. Do not release the compression of the spring.
  11. Remove the gland nut at the top of the strut housing. Turn the nut and allow the pressure to bleed off on the M5. A special tool is sometimes needed to remove the nut. Some aftermarket strut manufacturers provide a tool with the replacement cartridges.
  13. Pull the old cartridge out of the strut and pour out the oil.

To install:
  1. Fill the strut tube with enough engine oil so when the new cartridge is installed, oil fills the tube but doesn't overflow. If the strut rod diameter is greater than 1.299 in. (33 mm) do not use oil.
  3. Install the new cartridge and any spacers that where provided by the manufacturer. Install the gland nut and torque to 94 ft. lbs. (130 Nm).
  5. Install the spring and strut mount with all the spacers and washers in their original positions. Torque the new strut rod nut to 47 ft. lbs. (65 Nm).
  7. Release the spring slowly and check that it seats in the spring holders. Install the strut in the vehicle.