BMW 318/325/M3/525/535/M5 1989-1993 Repair Information



Known for their precise shifting and short throws, BMW manual transmissions have been targets for other manufactures to match. All the transmissions covered are fully synchronized, 5 speed units. The transmissions are primarily built by Getrag to BMW specifications.

A variety of transmissions are used, usage being determined by the chassis and engine combination. By chassis and engine, this is the application:

E30 3 SeriesM20 engine-260/5M42 engine-240/5S14 engine-265/6
S14 3 SeriesM42 engine-S5D 200GM50 engine-S5D 250G
E34 5 SeriesM20 engine-260/5M30 engine-260/6M50 engine-S5D 310ZS38 engine-280/5