BMW Cars 1999-06

Jacking & Hoisting


Do not use the tire changing jack to work on the vehicle. Use a hydraulic floor jack rated for the weight of the vehicle. BMW supplies a wheel chock with each vehicle. Use the wheel chock whenever raising the car.

The vehicle should be jacked up only using the factory jacking points. The jacking points along the rocker panel are marked with indents in the metal. Chock the wheel opposite the corner being raised. Pad the jack saddle with a rubber pad or a block of wood. Use jackstands to support the car. Do not go under the car with the car supported only by the jack.

On the E36 3 Series, the jacking points for a garage jack are located directly below the openings for the tire changing jack and are raised platforms on the underside of the body.

The car must be secure on the jack and the jackstands at all times during the lifting phase or when stationary. If the car is not stable and secure, the car may fall, damaging the vehicle and causing personal injury or death.

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Fig. Place a block of wood on the floor jack to act as a cushion and avoid scratching the underbody paint/sealant

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Fig. The front and rear jack points are directly under the access hole covers in the rocker panel trim-right front jack point shown

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Fig. The floor jack shown raising the vehicle at the right rear jack point

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Fig. When carefully placed under the differential, both rear wheels can be raised at the same time. Make sure to properly block the front wheels