BMW Cars 1999-06



Care Of Special Wheels

If you have invested money in magnesium, aluminum alloy or sport wheels, special precautions should be taken to make sure your investment is not wasted and that your special wheels look good for the life of the vehicle.

Special wheels are easily damaged and/or scratched. Occasionally check the rims for cracking, impact damage or air leaks. If any of these are found, replace the wheel. But in order to prevent this type of damage and the costly replacement of a special wheel, observe the following precautions:

Use extra care not to damage the wheels during removal, installation, balancing, etc. After removal of the wheels from the vehicle, place them on a mat or other protective surface. If they are to be stored for any length of time, support them on strips of wood. Never store tires and wheels upright; the tread may develop flat spots.
When driving, watch for hazards; it doesn't take much to crack a wheel.
When washing, use a mild soap or non-abrasive dish detergent (keeping in mind that detergent tends to remove wax). Avoid cleansers with abrasives or the use of hard brushes. There are many cleaners and polishes for special wheels.
If possible, remove the wheels during the winter. Salt and sand used for snow removal can severely damage the finish of a wheel.
Make certain the recommended lug nut torque is never exceeded or the wheel may crack. Never use snow chains on special wheels; severe scratching will occur.

Wheel Lug Studs/Bolts

Removal & Installation

The wheels are mounted onto the vehicle with wheel bolts. The wheel bolts have changed slightly from the type used on earlier models and can be recognized by the dished heads and slightly lighter weight. The wheel bolts should always be installed as a matched set, and the threads lubricated with a petroleum based 30 weight engine oil or an anti-seizing compound and tightened in a crisscross pattern.

The wheel bolt diameter and thread pitch specifications are M12 x 1.5mm. If a bolt is damaged it should be replaced and the threads in the hub cleaned with a suitable tap.

Although not sold by BMW, there are aftermarket suppliers of wheel studs that have been used for off road closed course use. Some enthusiast prefer using these for conditions that warrant frequent removal of wheels and tires.