BMW Cars 1999-06



The manual transmission identification number is on a label affixed to the upper portion of the bell housing. The label is located just behind the flat portion cast at the bell housing near the engine block.

The BMW manual transmissions are fully synchronized, 5 speed units. The transmissions are built by Getrag or ZF to BMW specifications. When ordering parts or looking for specific technical information, the transmission code should be obtained to ensure accuracy.

A letter code is found on the transmission case either on the center bottom of the transmission, the lower clutch bell housing or on a sticker on the left side of the transmission extension. Using this letter code in conjunction with the BMW parts information for the vehicle, the transmission model can be determined.

The transmission coding method has been changed and the following are examples of old versus new numbers.

Old: 286/6 E-New: S6S560G
Old: S5-31 C ZF-New: S5D 310Z
Old: S5-31D C ZF D*-New: S5D 260Z
Old: 220/5 B-New: S5D 200G
Old: 220/5 B(code)-New: S5D 250G

The code is broken down as follows using S6S 560G as an example:

First character: S designates manual
Second character: Number of gears
Third character: S: Overdrive, D: Direct gear
Fourth-Sixth: Transmission torque input
Seventh: Transmission manufacturer, Z: ZF, G: Getrag, H: BMW

A code letter combination may follow the last character for manufacturing variances and a D* indicates a diesel version which also uses a different rear axle ratio.