BMW Coupes and Sedans 1970-1988 Repair Guide

Engine Fan


The engine cooling fan is driven by a belt and is bolted to the water pump. A temperature and engine speed sensitive clutch is used to limit the drag imposed on the engine by the fan.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Determine whether the fan and clutch are secured with multiple bolts, a single viscous type coupler or a single reverse thread nut. Most early models up to 1982 are either viscous coupler or multiple bolts, whereas models after 1983 are a reverse thread nut.
  5. To remove and early style fan, lift the tabs over the multiple bolts and remove the bolts from the pump pulley. To remove a viscous type fan, remove the center bolt from the fan, then remove the screws attaching the fan to the viscous coupler.
  7. To remove late models fans, unscrew the fan clockwise. Remove the fan. The fan cowl may need to be removed. Be careful of the radiator fins.
  9. Remove the fan from the fan clutch. Install the fan clutch bolts and tighten to 6-7 ft. lbs. (8-10 Nm).
  11. To install reverse the above procedure.