BMW Coupes and Sedans 1970-1988 Repair Guide

Valve Lifters and Rocker Arms



The single overhead camshaft engines use rocker arms that are removed in the process of removing the rocker shafts. To remove the rocker shafts, it is impossible not to remove the rocker arms. See rockershaft/arm removal in this section.

The double overhead camshaft engines use a direct valve actuation through a bucket and shim as on the M3 and M5 engines or a hydraulic lash adjuster as on the 5 Series engines.

The bucket and shim lifters on the M Series engines are removed after the camshafts have been removed. Mark their locations and lift them from their bores. The lifters must be replaced in the original positions. Measure the lifter bore with an inside micrometer and the outside diameter of the lifter with an outside micrometer. The difference should be 0.0010-0.0026 inches (0.025-0.066mm).

The hydraulic lifters on equipped engines are kept in the bearing plates for most operations. They can be held in place using BMW tool 11 3 250 or equivalent. Check the lifters for scoring and wear.