BMW Coupes and Sedans 1970-1988 Repair Guide

Outside Mirrors



Depending on the year of the BMW, outside mirrors were either secured to the door panel or the window frame.

To remove a door mounted mirror, unfasten the retaining screws securing the mirror to the door. If the mirror is remotely attached to the interior door panel, the bezel and control cable will also have to be removed.

To remove a mirror attached to the door window frame, proceed as follows:

On some later 5, 6 and 7

Series models with the speakers in the triangular panel, the speaker(s) must be unplugged. Be careful not to puncture the speaker or grille when removing the trim panel.

  1. Remove the mirror mounting trim on the interior of the door by pulling it off towards the rear. On later 3 Series models, the panel is pulled off from the top after the top is pull out slightly.
  3. Support the mirror and remove the retaining bolts.
  5. Disconnect the harness plug and/or speaker plug, if equipped then remove the mirror.
  7. To remove the mirror glass, insert a thin tool into the opening at the bottom, center of the mirror. Rotate the locking ring to the outside of the mirror to remove. Carefully pry the glass out of the mount clips at the bottom edge.
  9. Install the mirror and connect the plug. Install the mounting trim.