BMW Coupes and Sedans 1970-1988 Repair Guide



When working with any of the fuel system components it is essential to follow very strict safety precautions. Since fuel is so volatile, it is very dangerous to work around. The best protection against accidents when working with fuel, is to use common sense.

The following precautions should be adhered to very closely:

Never work on the fuel system when the engine is hot. Fuel can be ignited by hot engine components, such as exhaust manifolds. Fuel injection systems are under pressure; pressurized fuel sprays in a very fine vapor that is easily ignited.

Never work with fuel around an open flame. This includes cigarettes, matches, kerosene heaters and torches, etc.

Always store fuel in an approved container, NOT in plastic milk jugs or similar containers. Always dispose of fuel in a safe manner.

Fuel is not a cleaning solvent and should not be used as such. It will damage painted and unprotected surfaces.

ALWAYS relieve the fuel system pressure before working on fuel injection systems, as the fuel is under pressure, even when the engine is off.

Use extreme care when handling fuel, as it can cause burns to the skin and severe damage to the eyes. Always keep out of the reach of children.