BMW X3 2005

Maintenance Intervals


To be servicedType of serviceService Intervals
    Initial 1200 MilesOil ServiceInspection IInspection II
Oil levelS/IX      
Engine oilR-      
Engine oil & filterR B   XXX
Engine air cleaner elementR C       X
Spark plugsR       X
Fuel filterR D       X
Fuel, vapor lines & fuel capS/IX   XX
Cooling systemS/IX   XX
Exhaust pipe & mufflerS/IX   XX
Catalytic converter & shieldingS/IX   XX
Throttle linkageS/I     XX
Engine (check for leakage)S/IX      
Engine drive beltsS/I       X
Maintenance IndicatorsRE   -XX
Engine coolantR     --
Oxygen sensorR G        
Intake air dust separatorsS/I H       X
Brake & clutch fluids -S/I     XX
Brake pads & discsS/I     XX
Parking brake systemS/I     XX
Power steering systemS/I     XX
Rear axle fluidS/I     XX
Steering play, suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage & joint discS/I     XX
Transmission fluid/oilS/I     X-
Wheel centering hubsS/I     XX
Rear axle fluid -R   X   X
OBD system for codesS/IX   XX
1R: Replace S/I: Service or Inspect RE: Reset
2- Service is not required for 325 models.
3- On vehicles operated less than 6200 miles per year, more frequent service may be required.
4- Replace more frequently if vehicle is operated in dusty conditions.
5- Recommended service for California models, required for all other models.
6- Reset the oil service indicator lights only.
7- Replace every 2 years with inspection service.
8- Replace every 100,000 miles on all models.
9- Required service for manual transmission models only.
10- Change fluid (A/T) or oil (M/T) at inspection.
11- At first oil service, then at each inspection.