Buick Regal 1997-2000



Charging System Inspection

  1. Make sure the battery connections are clean and tight and that the battery is in good condition and fully charged.
  3. On a factory-type battery with the built-in hydrometer (eye), the green dot must be showing. Voltage across the terminals with loads off, should be above 12 volts.
  5. Check the drive belt for damage or looseness.
  7. Check the wiring harness at the alternator. The harness connector should be tight and latched. Make sure that the output terminal of the alternator is connected to the vehicle battery positive lead.
  9. Verify that all charging system related fuses and electrical connections are tight and free of damage.

GM's testing procedures for this alternator involves a clamp-on ammeter Digital Volt/Ohm Meter (DVOM), GM's MetriPack terminal probes and an adjustable carbon pile load tester. Some basic testing is given below, however, since it is unlikely the non-professional has access to these tools, it is recommended that a professional shop test the alternator if, after a preliminary inspection rules out the items listed above, charging system problems are suspected.

The alternator does not require period lubrication. The rotor shaft is mounted on bearings at the drive end and the slip ring end. Each bearing contains its own permanent grease supply.

The Delphi CS130D and Delphi AD-237 alternator and voltage regulator combinations are serviced only as a complete unit. It should not be disassembled as no internal repair is possible.