Buick Regal 1997-2000

Fusible Links (Maxi-Fuse)


The MaxiFuse was designed to replace the fusible link and Pacific Fuse elements. The MaxiFuse is designed to protect cables, normally between the battery and fuse block, from both direct short circuits and resistive short circuits.

Compared to a fusible link or a Pacific Fuse element, the MaxiFuse performs much more like an Autofuse, although the average opening time is slightly longer. This is because the MaxiFuse was designed to be a slower blowing fuse, with less chance of nuisance blows.

The Pacific Fuse Element and MaxiFuse were developed to be a replacement for the fusible link. Like a fusible link, the fuses are designed to protect wiring from a direct short to ground. These elements are easier to service and inspect than a fusible link and will eventually replace fusible links in future vehicle applications.