Buick Regal 1997-2000

System Components



The cable provides a physical connection between the cruise control module and the engine throttle lever. The cruise control cable is adjustable. Simply spread the adjuster lock tabs and pull out the adjuster lock to disengage the cruise control cable adjuster lock. Slide the adjuster forward, away from the module. Without moving the throttle lever, remove as much cable slack as possible. Push in on the adjuster lock to lock up the adjustment.

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Fig. Typical cruise control cable attachment to module

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Fig. Cruise control cable adjuster lock

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Fig. Cruise control cable adjuster lock. Press on the lock and slide the housing to adjust


The cruise control system uses a cruise control module to obtain and hold any desired vehicle cruise speed above a minimum speed of 25 mph. The module contains the following components:

An Electronic Controller the monitors the vehicle speed, mode control (switch) inputs, cruise control release inputs, brake switch inputs and it operates the electric stepper motor.
The Stepper Motor moves the internal band in response to the controller to maintain the desired cruise speed. The cruise control cable links the internal band to the throttle lever.

Release & Brake Light Switches

The cruise control release switch and the stoplamp switch are used to disengage the cruise control system. The switches are mounted on the brake pedal bracket. The switches disengage the system electrically when the brake pedal is pressed.

The cruise control release switch and stoplamp switch are adjusted together. Incorrect adjustment of either of these switches may cause premature brake lining wear or incorrect cruise control system operation. Remove the underdash insulator panel at the brake pedal. Press the brake pedal fully. Push the switches into their retainers until the switches are fully seated. Pull the brake pedal fully rearward against the pedal stop until the audible click can no longer be heard. Verify that the cruise release switch and stoplamp switch contacts actuate at 0.125-0.500 inch of brake travel. Nominal activation of the stoplamp switch contacts occurs about 0.200 inch beyond the point of the cruise control switch activation.

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Fig. Cruise release and stoplamp switch adjustment at the brake pedal arm-2000 Buick Century and Regal shown, others similar

Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) is mounted to the automatic transaxle. The VSS provides a low voltage Alternating Current (AC) signal to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM converts the AC signal to a pulse width modulated Direct Current (DC) signal. The signal is sent to the cruise control module at a rate of 4,000 pulse per mile.