Buick Regal 1997-2000

Rear View Mirror


Removal & Installation

The W-Body rearview mirror snaps onto a small metal tab called the rearview mirror support. The rearview mirror is removed from the support by prying with a small flat-bladed tool. There is also a small wiring connector, under a cover, if it is a lighted rearview mirror.

The rearview mirror is attached to a rearview mirror support which is bonded to the windshield. The support is installed using a plastic-polyvinyl butyl adhesive. To install a detached mirror support or install a new part, the following items are needed.

Loctite® Minute-Bond Adhesive 312 two component pack, GM part number #1052369, or equivalent.
The original rearview mirror support (properly prepared, see below) or a replacement rearview mirror support.
Wax marking pencil or crayon.
Isopropyl alcohol.
Clean paper towel.
Fine grit emery cloth or sandpaper (320 or 360)

The following procedure calls for layout lines on the windshield. Make all marks on the outside of the windshield. This keeps the inside of the glass clean of wax marking pencil marks. Simply look through the windshield from the inside when positioning the mirror support, lining up the layout marks on the outside of the glass.

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Fig. On the outside, mark the windshield center line (1), then make another line 3 in. from the top to find the support position (2). Mark a larger circle (3), the area on the inside to be cleaned well

  1. Mark the location of the mirror support on the outside of the windshield and draw a line on the windshield. Start by measuring 3 inches (76mm) down from the top of the windshield and draw a line on the glass.
  3. Measure and find the center of the windshield and draw a line.
  5. Position the support centered on the center line and with the top of the support aligned under the horizontal line.
  7. Outline the support location.
  9. Mark a larger diameter circle around the rearview mirror support location on the outside of the windshield.
  11. On the inside of the windshield, clean the large circle area with a paper towel and a domestic scouring cleanser, GM Window Cleaner GM #1050427, or polishing compound. Rub until the area is completely clean.
  13. Wipe the area with an isopropyl alcohol saturated paper towel to remove any traces of scouring cleanser. Polishing compound or cleaning solution.
  15. With a piece of fine grit (320 or 360) emery cloth or sandpaper, sand the bonding surface of the rearview mirror support. If the original rearview mirror support is to be reused, all traces of factory installed adhesive must be removed prior to reinstallation.
  17. Wipe the sanded rearview mirror support with a clean paper towel saturated with isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry.
  19. Follow the directions on the manufacturer's kit to prepare the rearview mirror support prior to installation on the windshield.
  21. Apply the adhesive to the support.
  23. Position the rearview mirror support, with its rounded end pointed upward, to its pre-marked location.
  25. Press the rearview mirror support against the windshield exerting steady pressure for 30 to 60 seconds.
  27. After five minutes, remove any excess adhesive with an isopropyl alcohol moistened paper towel or window cleaning solution.
  29. Install the rearview mirror to the support. Make sure it is fully seated. Attach the electrical connector, if it is a lighted rearview mirror.