Buick Regal 1997-2000

Jacking Precautions


The following safety points cannot be overemphasized:

Always block the opposite wheel or wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling off the jack.
When raising the front of the vehicle, firmly apply the parking brake, which works on the back wheels.
When the front drive wheels are to remain on the ground, place the shift lever in the PARK position to lock the transaxle, to keep the front wheels from rolling.
Always use jackstands to support the vehicle while you are working underneath. Place the stands beneath the vehicle's jacking brackets. Before getting under the vehicle, rock the vehicle a small amount to make sure it is firmly supported.
When supporting the vehicle with jackstands, the supports should be placed under the body pinchwelds or similar strong and stable structure. The vehicle should be on a clean, hard, level surface before any lifting procedure begins. All lifting equipment MUST be in good working order. Make sure all vehicle loads are equally distributed and secure. Note that the center of gravity of front wheel drive cars is further forward than on rear-drive vehicles.
When jacking or lifting a vehicle at the prescribed lift points, be certain that the jack and/or safety stands do not contact the exhaust system, brake pipes, cables, fuel lines or underbody. Such contact may result in damage or unsatisfactory vehicle performance.