Buick Regal 1997-2000



On most W-Body vehicles, the hazard and turn signal flasher is mounted below the steering column.

If the turn signal and/or hazard lamps do not work, first check the fuses. If one of the turn signal lamps goes on when the park lamps are turned on, check the front park/turn lamps on that side for an open or poor connection. If the turn lamps stay on (do not flash) in both turn left and turn right, replace the flasher.

For any of the following symptoms, replace the turn signal switch:

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Fig. Typical hazard/turn signal lamp flasher location-1997 Chevrolet shown

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Fig. Hazard/turn signal lamp flasher location-1998 Buick

Turn signal switch will not turn ON/OFF.
All turn/hazard/stoplamps do not work and all harness connector are secure.
Some turn lamps work and all hazard lamps work.
Some hazard lamps work and all turn lamps work.
The hazard lamps do not turn OFF.

If the hazard lamps stay on but do not flash with the hazard switch ON, but the stoplamps operate normally, replace the turn/hazard flasher.

If the stoplamps do not turn OFF, adjust/replace the stoplamp switch.

If a turn signal indicator does not light but the turn signal works, check the bulb connection and wiring to the indicator.

If only one lamp does not operate, check the lamp socket and related wiring for opens and corrosion.

If one front park and/or marker lamp does not light, check that its ground is clean and tight.

If the park lamps do not turn OFF. Check the headlamp switch. If okay, look for a short to battery power in the wiring.

If one rear lamp is operative, check for an open in the wire. If the wire is okay, the socket may need to be replaced.
Check for a broken (or partially) broken wire inside of the insulation which could cause a system malfunction but prove good in a continuity/voltage check with a system disconnected. These circuits may be intermittent or resistive when loaded, and if possible, should be checked by monitoring for a voltage drop with the system operational (under load).

Check for improper installation of aftermarket equipment and accessories. For example, a poorly installed trailer towing light connector may affect the rest of the lighting system.