Buick Regal 1997-2000

Steering Wheel


All models covered herein are equipped with a Supplemental Inflatable Restrain (SIR) System using multiple air bags. Whenever working near any of the SIR components, such as the steering wheel air bag module, steering column wiring and instrument panel, disable the SIR system, as described in Section 6.

Several different types of steering wheels are used on GM W-Body vehicles, depending on model year, trim level and options. Many steering wheels will have remote radio switches (also called redundant radio switches) built into the steering wheels. Cruise control switches as well as horn and air bag functions are all built into the steering wheel.

One important component just under the steering wheel is the SIR coil. Since so many wires run to the face of the steering wheel including the all-important air bag connections, a special wiring device called the SIR coil is used to allow the steering wheel to turn freely yet, still provide reliable wiring connections through a "ribbon cable" arrangement. Care must be used to always center the front wheels and lock the steering column when working on the steering wheel and related components. The SIR coil assembly will become "uncentered" if:

The steering column is separated from the steering gear and allowed to rotate (always lock the column if disconnecting the steering shaft from the rack and pinion stub shaft, for example).
If the SIR coil centering spring is pushed down, letting the hub rotate while the coil is removed from the steering column. If this occurs, the SIR coil will need to be recentered.

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Fig. The SIR coil is located under the steering wheel and if "uncentered" must be reset

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Fig. Exploded view of the steering wheel, switches and upper steering column arrangement-1998 Intrigue shown, others similar