CTS 2003-2005



Disc Brakes

The front disc brakes are inherently self-adjusting. No adjustments are either necessary or possible.

Drum Brakes

The drum brakes are designed to self-adjust when applied with the car moving in reverse. However, they can also be adjusted manually. This manual adjustment should also be performed whenever the linings are replaced.

  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle with safety stands.
  3. Matchmark the relationship between the wheel to the axle flange to insure proper balance upon assembly, then remove the tire and wheel assembly.
  5. Matchmark the relationship of the drum to the axle flange, then remove the brake drum.
  7. Make sure the stops on both parking brake levers are against the edges of the webs on the parking brake shoes. If the parking brake cable is holding the stops off the edge of the shoe webs, loosen the parking brake cable adjustment.
  9. Measure the drum inside diameter, using tool J 21177-A or equivalent tool.
  11. Turning the star wheel on the adjusting bolt/screw assembly, adjust the shoe and lining diameter to be 0.050 inch (1.27mm) less that the drum inside diameter at each wheel.
  13. Install the drums and wheels, aligning the previous marks.
  15. Apply and release the brake pedal 30-35 times, with a one second pause between each brake application.