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Tape Player


Removal & Installation

Cassette Player Care & Cleaning

GM recommends that you clean the cassette player every 15 hours of use for the best performance. In addition, they recommend cleaning the cassette player every 50 hours to prevent damage to the tape head. Clean the head and the capstan on the tape player. Leave the tape player in the vehicle, since you can reach the parts through the tape door. Perform this service at least every 50 hours of cassette operation. After 50 hours of tape play CLN (clean) may appear on the display as a reminder. Although the system will still function when this message is displayed, reduced sound quality and possible damage to the cassette tapes may occur.

After cleaning the cassette tape player, press and hold EJECT for 5 seconds to reset the CLN indicator. The radio displays --- to show that the clean feature has been rest.

Keep cassette tapes correctly stored in their plastic cases away from contamination, direct sunlight and extreme heat. Tape cassettes are subject to wear. The sound quality may degrade over time. Before servicing a tape player, verify that the tape is in good condition and that the tape player is clean. If a reduction in sound quality occurs, regardless of when the tape player was last cleaned, play a different tape to see if the tape or the tape player is at fault. If the second cassette tape results in no improvement in sound quality, clean the tape player.

Use a scrubbing action, non-abrasive cleaning cassette (GM J 39916-A, or equivalent) for proper tape player cleaning. This cleaner is a wet-type cleaning system. The wet-type cleaning system uses a cleaning cassette with pads that scrub the tape head as the hubs turn. Using this type of cleaner may cause the radio to display and error and the cartridge to eject. These conditions are normal and is the result of an added feature in the tape player that detects broken tapes. If an error occurs, insert the cleaning cassette at least 3 times to thoroughly clean the tape player. The following steps will enable the radio to accept the tape:

  1. Press and hold the Tape/CD button for 5 seconds.
  3. The radio should display READY.
  5. Insert the cleaner.
  7. Press and hold the Eject button to reset CLN.

  1. You can also use a non-scrubbing, wet-type cleaner. This type of cleaner uses a cassette with a fabric belt which cleans the tape head. This type of cleaning cassette will not cause an error, but may not clean the tape player as thoroughly as the scrubbing type cleaner.