CTS 2003-2005

General Information


The steering column includes three important features in addition to the steering function:

The column is energy absorbing, designed to compress in a front-end collision to lessen the chance of injury to the driver.
On most W-Body vehicles, the ignition switch and lock are mounted on the column. With the column-mounted lock, the ignition and steering operations can be locked to inhibit theft of the vehicle.
The multifunction lever provides for control of the headlamp high-beams, the cruise control and the windshield wiper and washer.

Use care when working around the steering column. Disable the SIR (air bag) system before working on or around the steering wheel and column. Please see Section 6 for the procedure. Do not hammer on the steering column for any reason. The plastic fasteners which maintain column rigidity can be sheared or loosened by using an improper steering wheel puller, striking sharply on the end of the steering shaft, or, if the column has been removed, dropping the column or handling it roughly.