CTS 2003-2005

Instruments & Switches


The instrument panel contains the operating instruments used by the driver when operating the vehicle. The instrument panel houses the speedometer, heater and air conditioning controls, the audio system controls and convenience items such as the compartment (glove box) and HVAC outlets.

When handling a part that has an "ESD-Sensitive" sticker warning of Electrostatic Discharge (the sticker looks like a hand inside a black triangle with a stripe through it), follow these guidelines to reduce any possible buildup of electrostatic charge.

If replacing a part that has the warning sticker, do not open the package until just prior to installation. Before removing the part from its package, ground the package to a good ground on the car.
Avoid touching the electrical terminals of any electronic component.
Always touch a good ground before handling a parts with an ESD-Sensitive warning sticker. This should be repeated while handling the part; especially after sliding across the seat.

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Fig. This symbol indicates that a component is sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)