CTS 2003-2005



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Fig. Checking the resistance of a coolant temperature sensor with an ohmmeter. Reading is 1.04 kilohms

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Fig. Spark plug wires can be checked for excessive resistance using an ohmmeter

Never use an ohmmeter with power applied to the circuit. The ohmmeter is designed to operate on its own power supply. The normal 12 volt electrical system voltage could damage the meter!

  1. Isolate the circuit from the vehicle's power source.
  3. Ensure that the ignition switch is OFF when disconnecting any components or the battery.
  5. Where necessary, also isolate at least one side of the circuit to be checked, in order to avoid reading parallel resistances. Parallel circuit resistances will always give a lower reading than the actual resistance of either of the branches.
  7. Connect the meter leads to both sides of the circuit (wire or component) and read the actual measured ohms on the meter scale. Make sure the selector switch is set to the proper ohm scale for the circuit being tested, to avoid misreading the ohmmeter test value.