CTS 2003-2005

Frame Misalignment


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Fig. Subframe misalignment can result from collision damage or poorly performed heavy service work where the subframe is loosened or lowered

The frame is a rubber isolated subframe (so-called on these vehicles because it does not run the full length of the vehicle), in the front of the vehicle. The subframe supports the engine and transaxle. The frame provides the mounting point for the front suspension lower control arms. Any misalignment of the subframe (accident damage, improperly performed heavy engine work where the subframe is loosened, lowered and/or removed, etc.) causes a misalignment of the front wheels. Movement of the frame usually causes an increase in caster on one side of the vehicle and decrease in caster on the other side. This can cause the exhaust system to bind up, problems with control cables and unacceptable noise. Check the subframe for any obvious damage, especially on a used vehicle with an unknown history.