Camry 2007

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Toyota Camry 2007-2008

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) helps prevent wheels from locking when the brake is applied firmly or when braking on a slippery surface.

The ABS warning light comes on when the ABS system is malfunctioning.

The Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) control utilizes ABS, realizing proper brake force distribution between front and rear wheels in accordance with driving conditions. In addition, during cornering braking, it also controls the brake force of the right and left wheels, helping to maintain vehicle behavior.

Both of the ABS and BRAKE warning lights come on to indicate a malfunction in the EBD system.

Based on the signals received from the 4 wheel speed sensors, the skid control ECU calculates the speed of each wheel and deceleration, and checks wheel slipping condition. According to the slipping condition, the skid control ECU controls the pressure holding valve and pressure reduction valve in order to adjust the fluid pressure of each wheel cylinder

The primary purpose of the Brake Assist (BA) system is to provide an auxiliary brake force to assist the driver who cannot generate a large enough brake force during emergency braking. This system helps to maximize the brake performance of the vehicle. The ABS warning light comes on to indicate a malfunction in the BA (brake assist) system.