Camry 2008-2009

Diagnosis & Testing


Specific to:

Toyota Camry 2007-2010

When there is a malfunction in the terminal contact points or installation problems with parts, removing and installing the suspected problem parts may return the system to normal, either completely or temporarily.

In order to determine the malfunctioning area, be sure to check the conditions at the time the malfunction occurred, such as by the DTC output and the freeze frame data output, and record it before disconnecting each connector or removing and installing parts.

Be sure to remove and install the brake actuator and each individual sensor with the ignition switch off unless otherwise specified in the inspection procedure.

If the brake actuator or a sensor has been removed and installed, it is necessary to check the system for problems after the parts have been reassembled. Check for DTCs using the ODB II scan tool, also check that system functions and signals received by the ECU are normal using test mode.

The CAN communication system is used for data communication between each of the ECUs and sensors. If there is trouble in the CAN communication line, a DTC of the communication line is output.

If a DTC of the CAN communication line is output, repair the malfunction in the communication line and troubleshoot the anti-lock brake system.

In order to enable CAN communication, a specific type of wiring is used for the CAN communication lines. The wiring used for each communication line is a twisted pair of wires that have an equal length. A bypass wire should not be used, because the data being transmitted will be corrupted.