Camry 2008-2009



When the negative (-) battery cable has been disconnected, initialize the SFI system after the terminal is reconnected.

Check that the auxiliary battery cables are connected to the correct terminals.

Never use a quick charger.

Never disconnect the battery while the power switch in on (READY).

Precautions For Inspecting The Hybrid Control System

  1. Before inspecting the high-voltage system or disconnecting the low voltage connector of the inverter with converter assembly, take safety precautions, such as wearing insulated gloves and removing the service plug grip to prevent electrical shocks. Make sure to turn the power switch off before removing the service plug grip. After removing the service plug grip, put it in your pocket to prevent other technicians from accidentally reconnecting it while you are working on the high-voltage system.
    Turning the power switch on (READY) with the service plug grip removed could cause a malfunction. Do not turn the power switch on (READY) unless instructed by the repair manual.

  3. After disconnecting the service plug grip, wait for at least 10 minutes before touching any of the high-voltage connectors or terminals.
    Waiting for at least 10 minutes is required to discharge the high-voltage capacitor inside the inverter with converter assembly.

  5. Turn the power switch off, wear insulated gloves, and disconnect the negative terminal of the auxiliary battery before touching any of the orange-colored wires of the high-voltage system.
  7. Turn the power switch off before performing any resistance checks.
  9. Turn the power switch off before disconnecting or reconnecting any connectors.

Precautions For Hybrid Control System Activation

When the auxiliary battery has been disconnected and reconnected, attempting to turn the power switch on (READY) may not start the system (the system may not enter the READY-on state) on the first attempt. If so, turn the power switch off and reattempt to turn the power switch on (READY).