Canyon, Colorado 2006-2007

Mass Air Flow Sensor


This is also known as the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor.


The primary function of the Air Intake System is to provide filtered air to the engine. The system uses a cleaner element mounted in a housing. The cleaner housing is remotely mounted and uses intake ducts to route the incoming air into the throttle body. The secondary function of the Air Intake System is to muffle air induction noise. This is achieved through the use of resonators attached to the air intake ducts. The resonators are tuned to the specific powertrain. The mass air flow (MAF)/intake air temperature (IAT) sensor is used to measure the temperature and the volume of the air entering the engine.

Removal & Installation

Handle the MAF sensor carefully. Do not drop the MAF sensor in order to prevent damage to the MAF sensor. Do not damage the screen located on the air inlet end of the MAF. Do not touch the sensing elements. Do not allow solvents and lubricants to come in contact with the sensing elements. Use a small amount of a soap based solution in order to aid in the installation.

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Fig. Removing MAF/IAT sensor

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector from the MAF/IAT sensor.
  3. Remove the 2 screws (1) securing the MAF/IAT sensor to the air cleaner assembly.
  5. Remove the MAF/IAT sensor (2) from the air cleaner assembly.
  7. To install, reverse removal procedure.