Canyon, Colorado 2006-2007



Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect the battery cables and properly relieve the fuel system pressure.
  3. Drain the engine cooling system.
  5. Drain the engine oil.
  7. Remove or disconnect the following:
    Reinstall the engine lift bracket after removing the alternator. Tighten the bolts to 44 inch lbs. (5 Nm) and then retighten to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).

    Battery box
    Radiator hoses
    Cooling fan
    Air cleaner assembly
    Engine lifting bracket

    Washer reservoir bolts
    Engine wiring harness connector at PCM
    Wiring harness retainers at fender, power steering pump, throttle body and camshaft cover
    Oil pressure switch connector
    4WD motor connector, if equipped
    Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor connector
    Exhaust camshaft actuator connector
    Coolant temperature sensor connector
    Injector harness connector
    Ignition coil connectors
    Oxygen Sensor (O 2 S) connector
    Wiring harness conduit at camshaft cover
    Automatic transmission filler tube, if equipped
    Air injection pipe cover
    Install engine lifting eye in air pipe cover location
    Heater hoses from heater core
    A/C suction hose bracket
    Power steering pump bolts and position pump aside
    Right engine mount-to-frame bracket bolt
    Wiring harness retainer from intake manifold and position aside
    Fuel lines from fuel rail
    Evaporative pipe at intake manifold
    Dipstick and tube
    Brake booster hose
    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor
    MAP wiring harness retainer
    Upper 2 engine wiring harness bracket bolts
    Raise and support vehicle
    Left front wheel
    Left front fender inner liner
    Wiring harness retainers from engine wiring bracket
    Engine wiring harness bracket
    A/C compressor mounting bolts and position compressor aside
    Starter wiring
    Negative battery cable from block
    EVAP canister connector
    Knock sensor connectors
    Heater outlet hose
    Crankcase Position (CKP) sensor connector
    Engine wiring ground leads from block
    Engine wiring harness retainer at oil pan rail and position harness aside
    Catalytic converter
    Exhaust donut gasket
    Automatic transmission oil cooler and fuel line brackets, if equipped
    Left engine mount-to-frame bracket bolt
    On 2WD drive models, front crossmember
    On 4WD models, differential carrier
    On automatic transmission, torque converter bolts after marking torque converter-to-flexplate location
    Leave 2 upper transmission-to-engine bolts, but remove all other bolts

  9. Lower the vehicle and place a transmission jack under the transmission
  11. Remove the remaining transmission mounting bolts
  13. Install a suitable lifting device to the engine.
  15. Remove the engine mount bolts and carefully lift the engine from the vehicle. Pause several times while lifting the engine to make sure no wires or hoses have become snagged.

To install:

  1. Carefully lower the engine into the vehicle and align the engine dowels with the transmission.
  3. Install the engine mount bolts and tighten the bolts to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
  5. Lower the engine onto the engine mounts.
  7. Remove the engine lifting device.
  9. Raise and support the vehicle.
  11. Install the transmission-to-engine bolts and tighten the bolts to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
  13. Remove the transmission jack.
  15. Aligning the torque converter to the flexplate, install the bolts and tighten to 44 ft. lbs. (60 Nm).
  17. On 2WD, install the crossmember and tighten the bolts to 44 ft. lbs. (60 Nm).
  19. On 4WD, install the differential carrier.
  21. Install or connect the following:

    Automatic transmission oil cooler and fuel line brackets, if equipped
    Left engine mount-to-frame bracket bolt and tighten to 63 ft. lbs. (85 Nm).
    New exhaust donut gasket
    Catalytic converter and tighten the bolts to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
    Engine wiring harness retainers at oil pan rail
    Engine wiring ground leads to block
    CKP sensor connector
    Heater outlet hose
    Knock sensor connectors
    EVAP canister connector