Canyon, Colorado 2006-2007

Instrument Panel


Removal & Installation

  1. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Glove box door
    A pillar trim panels
    Door sill plates
    Hinge pillar trim panels
    Lower center instrument panel extension
    Accessory trim plate panel
    A/C-heater control panel
    Center air outlets
    Left and right air outlets
    Knee bolster trim panel and bolster
    Instrument luster bezel
    Instrument cluster
    Headlight switch
    Daytime running light sensor
    Upper 3 instrument panel nuts
    Instrument panel screws at instrument cluster and glove box openings
    Hazard warning light connector
    Six passenger air bag fasteners and passenger air bag module
    Two screws in passenger air bag opening
    Open the left side compartment and remove the screw
    Screw at the back of the center storage compartment
    Grasp the lower edge of the center storage compartment and the right lower edge of the instrument panel and pull out to disengage the clips
    Partially pull out the instrument panel from the carrier
    Release all the wiring harness clips from the instrument panel

  3. With the aid of an assistant, carefully remove the instrument panel.