Caravan, Grand Voyager, Town and Country, Voyager, 2000-2004

Components & Systems


This section covers electronic engine control sensors, switches, and other key components. Where available, the coverage includes a Description and Operation explanation, Remove & Installation, and Testing procedures. Not all models and engine combination, or procedures for each, may be included; however, many like components or similar engines may contain information that is useful for your specific vehicle application.

This section describes the operating principles of sending units, warning lights and gauges.

Instrument panels contain a number of indicating devices (gauges and warning lights). These devices are composed of two separate components. One is the sending unit, mounted on the engine or other remote part of the vehicle, and the other is the actual gauge or light in the instrument panel.

Several types of sending units exist, however most can be characterized as being either a pressure type or a resistance type. Pressure type sending units convert liquid pressure into an electrical signal which is sent to the gauge. Resistance type sending units are most often used to measure temperature and use variable resistance to control the current flow back to the indicating device. Both types of sending units are connected in series by a wire to the battery (through the ignition switch). When the ignition is turned ON , current flows from the battery through the indicating device and on to the sending unit.