Caravan, Grand Voyager, Town and Country, Voyager, 2000-2004

Brake Caliper


Removal & Installation

  1. Raise and safely support the front of the vehicle. Remove the front wheels.
  3. If the caliper is only being removed from the bracket (as for a brake pad change), move to Step 3. If the caliper is being removed from the vehicle (as for replacement or an overhaul and reseal), remove the brake hose attaching bolt from the caliper. Remove the hose from the caliper and discard the washers. New seal washers will be required at assembly. Plug the brake hose to prevent fluid leakage.
  5. Remove the caliper guide pin bolts that secure the caliper to the steering knuckle.
  7. Remove the caliper by slowly sliding it away from the steering knuckle. Slide the opposite end of the brake caliper out from under the machined abutment on the steering knuckle.
  9. Using a strong piece of wire, support the brake caliper assembly off the strut unit. Do NOT allow the caliper to hang from the brake fluid flex hose or damage to the hose will result.

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    Fig. Front brake caliper assembly

  11. Clean both steering knuckle abutment surfaces of any dirt, grease or corrosion. Then lubricate the abutment surfaces with a liberal amount of MOPAR® Multipurpose Lubricant or equivalent.
  13. Properly position the brake caliper over the brake pads and disc rotor. Be careful not to allow the caliper seals or guide pin bushings to get damaged by the steering knuckle bosses. Install the caliper guide pin bolts and torque to: 195 inch lbs. (22 Nm) for the front caliper; and 192 inch lbs. (22 Nm) for the rear calipers. Be careful not to cross thread the guide pin bolts.
  15. If removed, attach the brake hose to the caliper using new washers. Tighten the banjo bolt to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
  17. Bleed the brake system.
  19. Install the front wheels and lug nuts. Torque the lug nuts, in a star pattern sequence, to 1 / 2 torque specifications. Then repeat the tightening sequence to the full torque specification of 100 ft. lbs. (135 Nm). Lower the vehicle.
  21. Pump the brake pedal several times to insure that the brake pedal is firm. Road-test the vehicle.