Caravan, Town & Country 2006-2007

Spark Plug Wires


Inspection & Testing

Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance of the spark plug wire. Resistance should be a minimum of 250 ohms per inch (3000 ohms per foot) or a maximum of 1000 ohms per inch (12,000 ohms per foot). Replace any wires outside of specification.

Inspect the wires for cuts, cracks and abrasion. Replace as necessary.

Removal & Installation

Before removing or disconnecting any spark plug cables, note their original position. Remove cables one at a time. To prevent ignition crossfire, spark plug cables MUST be placed in cable tray (routing loom) into their original position. Refer to Spark Plug Cable Removal for proper routing.

Before installing spark plug cables to either the spark plugs or coils, apply dielectric grease to inside of boots.