Catera 2000-2001

A/T Transmission Control Module (Tcm)


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PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
1-3----Not Used
4GRY/BLKRF745Band Apply Solenoid Control
5GRY/REDRA741Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS) LO Signal
6BLKF819Ground to G103
7----Not Used
8BLK/GRNFU400Trans Range Switch Input B
9GRYR400Trans Range Switch Input P
10-11----Not Used
12BLUP100Sport Mode Switch Input
13GRNU102Winter Mode Switch Input
15BLKS40VSS Shielded Ground
16----Not Used
17BLK/YELFB800Sport Mode & Trans Malfunction Indicator Control (2nd design)
18-20----Not Used
21BRN/GRNXU716TFT Sensor Signal Return
22BLK/BLUFP722TFT Sensor (5V ref) Signal
23-24----Not Used
25GRYR133Transmission Service Indicator Control (1st design)
25----Not Used (2nd design)
26REDA828Fused Battery Feed
27BRN/GRNXU1003rd Gear Indicator Control
28BLKF836Ground to G103
29----Not Used
30BLU/WHTPM7481-2 and 3-4 Shift Solenoid Control
31----Not Used
32BLK/YELFB738TCC Solenoid Control
33BLU/YELPB7432-3 Shift Solenoid Control
34-35----Not Used
36BLK/BLUFP400Trans Range Switch Input A
37BLK/YELFB709Trans Range Switch Input C
38-41----Not Used
42BLK/YELFB720VSS HI signal
43-48----Not Used
49BRN/GRYXR888CAN Interface LO
50BRN/PPLXY888CAN Interface HI
51BRN/WHTXM12Serial Data (KW2000)
52BLK/PPLFY740Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS) Valve HI Signal
53BLU/BLKPF754Power Relay (12V ref) Output
54BRNX837Fused Ignition Feed
55-88----Not Used

2000-01 3.0L w/4L30-E A/T TCM Connector Pinout