Catera 2000-2001

Engine Control Module (ECM)


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Fig. C1 Connector

PIN #Wire ColorFunction
1BLK/WHTThrottle Valve Motor (minus)
2BRN/WHTHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2 Heater Control
3BRN/BLUFuel Injector #3 Driver
4BRN/GRNIntake Plenum Switchover Valve Control
5BRN/REDEVAP Purge Solenoid Control Valve
6BRN/GRNKS Bank 2 Low
7BRN/GRNHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2 Ground
8-9--Not Used
10GRY/BLKCKP Sensor Signal
11BRN/REDHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Input Pumping Current
12BRN/WHTHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 Ground
13--Not Used
14GRY/BLKIgnition Control Cyl #5
15BLK/YELIgnition Control Cyl #3
16BLK/REDIgnition Control Cyl #1
17BRN/YELThrottle Valve Motor (plus)
18BRN/GRYHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 Heater Control
19BRN/YELFuel Injector #1 Driver
20BRN/BLKFuel Injector #5 Driver
21--Not Used
22BRN/WHTKS Bank 1 Signal
23BRN/BLUHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2 Signal
24WHTTP Sensor 1 Signal
25BRN/BLUECT Sensor Signal
26BRN/GRNSensor Ground (MAF/IAT, ECT, TP)
27--Not Used
28BRN/BLUHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Signal
29BRN/GRNHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 Output Pumping Circuit
30GRY/BLKIgnition Control Cyl #6
31BLK/YELIgnition Control Cyl #4
32BLK/REDIgnition Control Cyl #2
33BLK/WHTThrottle Valve Motor (minus)
34BRN/WHTHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2 Heater Control
35BRN/GRNFuel Injector #2 Driver
36BRN/PPLFuel Injector #6 Driver
37--Not Used
38BRN/WHTKS Bank 2 Signal
39BRN/BLUHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2 Signal

2000-01 ECM C1 Connector Pinout (1 of 2)

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Fig. C1 Connector - Continued

PIN #Wire ColorFunction
40BRN/BLUTP Sensor 2 Signal
41--Not Used
42WHTCMP Sensor Signal
43BRN/GRNHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Output Pumping Circuit
44BRN/BLUHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 Signal
45-48--Not Used
49BRN/YELThrottle Valve Motor (plus)
50BRN/GRYHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Heater Control
51BLU/BLKMAF 5Volt Reference
52BRN/REDFuel Injector #4 Driver
53BRN/GRNIntake Resonance Switchover Valve Control
54BRN/GRNKS Bank 1 Low
55BRN/GRNHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2 Ground
57BRN/BLKIAT Sensor Signal
58BLU/BLKTP Sensor 5Volt Reference
59GRY/REDCKP Reference Low
60BRN/WHTHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Ground
61BRN/REDHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 Input Pumping Current
62BLKKS 1, KS 2, and CKP Sensor Shielded Ground
63-64--Not Used

2000-01 ECM C1 Connector Pinout (2 of 2)

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Fig. C2 Connector

PinWire ColorFunction
1BRN/WHTCruise Indicator
2-5--Not Used
7BLK/REDAPP 2 5Volt Reference
8BRN/BLKAPP 1 Signal
9--Not Used
10BLK/BRNCruise ON/OFF Signal
11--Not Used
12BRN/GRYEBTCM CAN Interface Low
13BRN/PPLA/C Relay Control
14--Not Used
16RED/BLUSwitched B+
17--Not Used
18BRN/BLKEVAP Vent Solenoid Control
19-21--Not Used
22BLU/BLKFuel Level Input
23--Not Used
24BRN/GRYAPP 1 Reference Ground
25BRN/GRNFuel Tank Pressure Sensor Ground
26BLK/BRNCruise Release Signal
27BLK/YELStop Lamp Signal
28--Not Used
29BRN/PPLEBTCM CAN Interface High
30BRN/BLUFuel Pump Relay Control
31BRN/GRYEngine Controls Power Relay Control
32RED/BLUSwitched B+
33GRYFiller Cap Lamp
34BRN/YELSecondary Air Pump Solenoid Control
35GRNRPM Signal Output
36--Not Used
37BRN/YELFuel Tank Pressure Sensor Signal
38-39--Not Used
40BRN/REDAPP 2 Signal
41--Not Used
42BLK/REDCruise Resume/Decel Signal
43BLK/YELCruise Set/Accel Signal
44BLU/REDVSS/Theft Deterrent Signal
45BRN/PPLTCM CAN Interface High

2000-01 ECM C2 Connector Pinout (1 of 2)

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Fig. C2 Connector (CONTINUED)

PinWire ColorFunction
46BRN/BLUMIL Control
47BRNIgnition Switch
48RED/BLUSwitched B+
49-52--Not Used
53BRN/WHTSerial Data/kw 2000/DLC
54-55--Not Used
56BLK/GRYAPP 1 5Volt Reference
57--Not Used
58BLK/WHTA/C Request
59-60--Not Used
61BRN/GRYTCM CAN Interface Low
62BRN/GRYSecondary Air Pump Relay Control
63BLU/BLKFuel Tank Pressure Sensor 5Volt
64--Not Used

2000-01 ECM C2 Connector Pinout (2 of 2)