Catera 2000-2001

Gauge Cluster Connector


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PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
1BRN/YELXB3WSWA Solvent Level Signal
2YEL/REDBA2Brake Pad Wear Signal
3BRN/BLUXP2Coolant Level Signal
4BRN/GRNXU600Oil Level Signal
5REDA900B+ from Fuse#24
6BLKF8Ground to G103
7-8----Not Used
9BLU/REDPA600Vehicle Speed Signal
10-12----Not Used
13GRNU5Tachometer Signal
14BRN/BLKXF20Seat Belt Signal
15BLU/GRNPU1Oil Pressure Signal
16GRY/WHTRM900Headlamp Switch Signal
17GRY/YELRB103Interior Lamps Dimming Signal
18BLU/WHTPM1Generator Signal
19----Not Used
20BRNX70B+ from Fuse#15
21BRN/PPLXY2ALC Sensor Signal
22REDA16Ground Signal
23BRN/BLUXP840Security Lamp Indicator
24BLKF11Ground to G103
25----Not Used
26BLU/YELPB90Oil Pressure Sensor Signal

2000-01 3.0L Gauge Cluster Connector Pinout