Century, Grand Prix, Impala, Intrigue, Lumina, Monte Carlo, Regal 2001-2005

Re-Home Procedure


With Tech 1® Or T-100® Or Equivalent Scan Tools

  1. Using a Tech 1® or T-100® (CAMS), select -Motor Rehome.- The motor rehome function cannot be performed if current DTCs are present. If DTCs are present, the vehicle must be repaired and the codes cleared before performing the motor rehome function.
  3. The entire brake system should now be bled using the pressure or manual bleeding procedures.

Wthout Tech 1® Or T-100®Or Equivalent Scan Tools

Do not place your foot on the brake pedal through this entire procedure unless specifically instructed to do so.

This method can only be used if the ABS warning lamp is not illuminated and no DTCs are present.

  1. Remove your foot from the brake pedal.
  3. Start the engine and allow it to run for at least 10 seconds while observing the amber ABS warning lamp.
  5. If the ABS warning lamp turned ON and stayed ON after about 10 seconds, the bleeding procedure must be stopped and a Tech 1® or equivalent scan tool must be used to diagnose the ABS function.
  7. If the ABS warning lamp turned ON for about 3 seconds, then turned OFF and stayed OFF, turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  9. Repeat Steps 1-4 one more time.
  11. The entire brake system should now be bled by following the manual or pressure bleeding procedure.