Century, Grand Prix, Impala, Intrigue, Lumina, Monte Carlo, Regal 2001-2005



Removal & Installation

Please note that the entire transaxle assembly must be removed to perform this procedure. Make very sure of the diagnosis before beginning work. New service replacement flywheel bolts are recommended.

  1. Remove the transaxle from the vehicle.
  3. A flywheel locking tool may be helpful to keep the crankshaft from rotating when the flywheel bolts are loosened. Remove the flywheel bolts. New service replacement bolts are recommended.
  5. Remove the flywheel from the vehicle.

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    Fig. This typical flywheel locking tool keeps the flywheel from turning when the bolts are loosened or tightened


To install:

  1. Clean all parts well. If there is evidence of oil leaking past the rear crankshaft oil seal, replace the oil seal. Examine the teeth around the other edge of the wheel where the starter engages. If they are worn or damaged, replace the flywheel.
  3. Flywheel bolts may have thread-locking adhesive on the threads. If the bolts must be reused, clean the threads on the bolts and in the crankshaft.
  5. Apply fresh thread-locking compound to all of the flywheel-to-crankshaft bolts.
  7. The remaining installation steps are the reverse of the removal procedure. Tighten the flywheel bolts evenly. Final torque should be:
    1. 3.4L engines: 60 ft. lbs. (82 Nm)
    3. 3.5L and 3.8L engines: Tighten to 11 ft. lbs. (15 Nm) plus an additional 50 degrees. NEW BOLTS ARE MANDATORY.

  9. Install the transaxle.