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Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, 1999-2005

Driven Disc & Pressure Plate


Removal & Installation

  1. Remove transmission.
  3. If original clutch cover will be reinstalled, mark position of cover on flywheel for assembly reference. Use paint or a scriber for this purpose.
  5. If clutch cover is to be replaced, cover bolts can be removed in any sequence. However, if original cover will be reinstalled, loosen cover bolts evenly and in rotation to relieve spring tension equally. This is necessary to avoid warping cover.
  7. Remove cover bolts and remove cover and disc.

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    Fig. Clutch cover, disc and pressure plate


To install:

  1. Lightly scuff sand flywheel face with 180 grit emery cloth. Then clean surface with a wax and grease remover.
  3. Lubricate pilot bearing with Mopar® high temperature bearing grease.
  5. Check run-out and free operation of new clutch disc as follows:
  7. Slide disc onto transmission input shaft splines. Disc should slide freely on splines.
  9. Leave disc on shaft and check face run-out with dial indicator. Check run-out at disc hub and about 6mm ( 1 / 4 in.) from outer edge of facing.
  11. Face run-out should not exceed 0.5mm (0.020 in.) Obtain another clutch disc if run-out exceeds this limit.
  13. Position clutch disc on flywheel. Be sure side of disc marked flywheel side is positioned against flywheel. If disc is not marked, be sure flat side of disc hub is toward flywheel.
  15. Inspect condition of pressure plate surface of clutch cover. Replace cover if this surface is worn, heat checked, cracked, or scored.
  17. Insert clutch alignment tool in clutch disc.
  19. Insert alignment tool in pilot bearing and position disc on flywheel. Be sure disc hub is positioned correctly. Side of hub marked Flywheel Side should face flywheel. If disc is not marked, place flat side of disc against flywheel
  21. Position clutch cover over disc and on flywheel.
  23. Install clutch cover bolts finger tight.
  25. Tighten cover bolts evenly and in rotation a few threads at a time. Cover bolts must be tightened evenly and to specified torque to avoid distorting cover. Tightening torques are 23 ft. lbs. (31 Nm) on 2.5L engines and 38 ft. lbs. (52 Nm)on 4.0 L engines.

    Start all 6 bolts by hand.
    Tighten 3 pilot hole bolts 3 / 4 s of the way (any sequence)
    Starting 180 degrees from the last pilot bolt, tighten 3 large hole bolts 3 / 4 s of the way (any sequence)
    Tighten 3 pilot hole bolts all the way (any sequence)

  27. Starting 180 degrees from last pilot bolt, tighten 3 large bolts all the way (any sequence)
  29. Apply light coat of Mopar® high temperature bearing grease to clutch disc hub and splines of transmission input shaft. Do not over lubricate shaft splines. This will result in grease contamination of disc.
  31. Install transmission.