Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, 1999-2005

General Information


Do not remove the cylinder block drain plugs or loosen the radiator drain cock with the system hot and under pressure. Serious burns from coolant can occur.

Do not waste reusable coolant. If the solution is clean, drain the coolant into a clean container for reuse.

Constant tension hose clamps are used on most cooling system hoses. When removing or installing, use only tools designed for servicing this type of clamp, such as Special Tool 6094. Always wear safety glasses when services constant tension clamps.

A number or letter is stamped into the tongue of constant tension clamps. If replacement is necessary, use only an original equipment clamp with matching number or letter.

When removing the radiator or A/C condenser for any reason, note the location of all radiator- to-body and radiator-to-A/C condenser rubber air seals. These are used at the top, bottom and sides of the radiator and A/C condenser. To prevent overheating, these seals must be installed to their original positions.