Chevrolet Blazer/Jimmy 1969-1982 Repair Guide

Pulse Air Injection Reactor System


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Fig. Fig. 1 Air Injection System Diagnosis Chart


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Fig. Fig. 2 Pulse Air Injection Reactor system components used on 6 cylinder engines

This system consists of four air valves which inject fresh air into the exhaust system in order to further the combustion process of the exhaust gases. The firing of the engine creates a pulsating flow of exhaust gases, which are either positive or negative pressure. A negative pressure at the pulse air valve will result in air being injected into the exhaust system. A positive pressure will force the check valve closed and no exhaust gases will flow into the fresh air supply.

Regularly inspect the pulse air valves, pipes, grommets and hose for cracks and leaks. Replace the necessary part if any defects are found. If a check valve fails, exhaust gases will get into the carburetor through the air cleaner and cause the engine to surge and perform poorly.

If exhaust gases pass through a pulse air valve, the paint will be burned off the rocker arm cover plenum as a result of the excessive heat. The rubber grommets and hose will also deteriorate. Failure of the pulse air valve can also be indicated by a hissing sound.


  1. Remove the air cleaner. Disconnect the rubber hose from the plenum connecting pipe.
  3. Disconnect the four check valuve fittings at the cylinder head and remove the check valve pipes from the plenum grommets.
  5. Disconnect the check valve from the check valve pipe.
  7. Assemble the replacement check valve to the check valve pipe.
  9. Attach the check valve assembly to the cylinder head as illustrated. Hand-tighten the fittings.
  11. Using a 1 inch open end wrench as a lever, align the check valve on pipe "A" with the plenum grommet. Using the palm of your left-hand, press the check valve into the grommet. Using a silicone lubricant on the grommet will make things a little easier. Repeat this procedure for pipe "B" using your left-hand for the tool and your right-hand for installing the valve in the grommet.