Chevrolet Blazer/Jimmy 1969-1982 Repair Guide

Chassis Greasing


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Fig. Fig. 1 Lubrication points on the chassis-2WD models

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Fig. Fig. 2 Lubrication points on the chassis-4WD models

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Fig. Fig. 3 Use a special adapter on the end of a flex hose to lubricate the CV-joint from above

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Fig. Fig. 4 Unscrew the seal and collar to lubricate the Dana driveshaft. On GM models, use the grease fitting

The lubrication charts show the points to be lubricated. Not all vehicles have all the fittings illustrated. For example, most trucks don't have grease fittings on the driveshaft universal joints; the fittings on the shafts are for lubricating the sliding splines.

The four wheel drive front driveshaft requires special attention for lubrication. The large constant velocity joint at the front of the transfer case has a special grease fitting in the centering ball; a special needle nose adapter for a flush type fitting is required, as well as a special lubricant, GM part no. 1050679 or 1052497 or their equivalents. You can only get at this fitting when it is facing up toward the floorboards, so you need a flexible hose, too. To lubricate the sliding splines in the Dana type front driveshaft properly, first unscrew and slide back the spline seal collar. Pump chassis grease into the fitting until it oozes out the vent hole, then plug the vent hole with your finger and pump in grease until it comes out past the seal. This isn't necessary on the GM style driveshaft, which has the grease fitting closer to the seal collar.

Water resistant EP chassis lubricant (grease) conforming to GM specification 6031M or its equivalent should be used for all chassis grease points.