Chevrolet Blazer/Jimmy 1969-1982 Repair Guide

Shock Absorbers



See Front Shock Absorbers for information on testing.


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Fig. Fig. 1 Rear shock absorber mounting-1969-72 models

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Fig. Fig. 2 Staggered rear shock assembly mounting-1973-82 models

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Fig. Fig. 3 To remove the rear shock absorber, use a ratchet and a back-up wrench to unfasten the upper retainer ...

Fig. 4 ... then unfasten the lower bolt in the same manner

The usual procedure is to replace shock absorbers in axle pairs, to provide equal damping. Heavy duty replacements are available for firmer control. Air adjustable shock absorbers can be used to maintain a level ride with heavy loads or when towing.

  1. Raise and support the rear axle as necessary.
  3. If air shocks are installed, bleed the air and detach the lines.
  5. Remove the nut and washer at the top.
  7. Remove the nut, washer, and bolt at the bottom.

To install:

  1. Purge the new shock of air by extending it in its normal position and compressing it while inverted. Do this several times. It is normal for there to be more resistance to extension than to compression.
  3. Install the shock absorber. For 1969-72 models, tighten the nuts to 75 ft. lbs. for two wheel drive and 65 ft. lbs. for four wheel drive. Tighten the upper nuts to 140 ft. lbs. for 1973-78 models and 150 ft. lbs. for 1979 and later models. Tighten the lower nuts to 115 ft. lbs. for all 1973 and later models.