Chevrolet Chevette/1000 1976-1988 Repair Guide

General Information


Front disc brakes are standard equipment on all models. Power brakes are available as an option. The disc is 246mm in diameter and 13mm. thick and is a one piece casting with the hub. Single piston sliding calipers are used.

The rear brakes are of conventional leading/trailing shoe design. Brake drum diameter is 200mm. Automatic adjusters are used in the rear brakes which provide adjustment when needed whenever the brakes are applied.

The master cylinder is a two piece design: a cast housing containing the primary and secondary pistons and a stamped steel reservoir. The reservoir is attached to the cast housing with two retainers and sealed with two O-rings. The reservoir is not divided, however a dual braking system is used. The front (secondary) piston operates the rear brakes, while the rear (primary) piston operates the front brakes.

The front and rear brake lines are routed through a distributor and switch assembly located on the left-hand engine compartment side panel. The switch is a pressure differential type which lights the brake warning light on the instrument panel if either the front or rear hydraulic system fails. The switch is nonadjustable and non-serviceable; it must be replaced if defective.